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Economic Research Publications

Latest Publications

  • Asia Bond Monitor – Updates on Asia’s Bond Markets

    The Asia Bond Monitor examines the outlook, risks, and policy options for East Asian local currency bond markets, which enable governments to raise capital to invest in infrastructure. The publication monitors bond markets in the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries plus the People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; and the Republic of Korea.

  • Asian Development Outlook – Economic Forecasting in Asia

    The Asian Development Outlook analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia. This includes forecasting the inflation and gross domestic product growth rates of countries throughout the region, including the People’s Republic of China and India.

  • Asian Development Review – Expertise on Asia and the Pacific

    The Asian Development Review is a professional journal that presents expertise and analysis on economics, social development, poverty, and other issues in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Asian Economic Integration Report – How Asia is Working Together

    The Asian Economic Integration Report reviews the progress of Asian governments’ efforts to integrate their economies and improve cooperation on a variety of levels. This report is produced annually and continues the work of Asian Economic Integration Monitor starting 2015.

  • Basic Statistics – The Latest Data on Asia Pacific Countries

    The Basic Statistics publication provides the latest data on 45 countries and economies in Asia and the Pacific. Included are statistics on land, population, national accounts, prices, money, balance of payments, reserves, external debt, and other topics.

  • Economics Working Papers – Policy and Research Discussions in Asia

    The Economics Working Papers series is a forum for stimulating discussion on research and policy studies that deal with economic and development problems facing the Asia and Pacific region.

  • Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific – The Latest Facts on Asia Pacific Countries

    The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific publication presents data regarding the economic, financial, social, and environmental situations in a broad range of countries across Asia and the Pacific.

  • Regional Economic Integration Working Papers

    The ADB Working Papers on Regional Economic Integration series focuses on how countries and economies in Asia and the Pacific are working together in the areas of infrastructure and software; trade and investment; money and finance; and regional public goods.