Statistics and Databases

  • Statistical Database System

    A searchable database of essential social, economic, and financial indicators relating to ADB's developing members. View Database

  • Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific

    Economic, financial, social, environmental, and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators for regional members of ADB.

  • Framework of Inclusive Growth Indicators (FIGI)

    Provides 35 indicators as measures of income and nonincome dimensions of inclusive growth; the processes that improve access to opportunities, social inclusion, social safety nets; and good governance.

  • Asian Development Outlook

    Annual economic reports on ADB’s developing members. It provides a comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic and development issues.

  • Basic Statistics

    Millennium Development Goals (MDG), land, population, national accounts, prices, money, balance of payments, reserves, external debt, and central government finance.

  • Economic and Financial Indicators

    Indicators include: GDP, inflation, industrial production, and retail sales for the real sector; trade, exchange rates, and balance of payments for the external sector; and money supply, stock prices, and banking indicators for the monetary and financial sector. View Database

  • Integration Indicators

    Twelve trade indicators, 8 foreign direct investment (FDI) indicators, and 17 money and finance indicators. Examples of indicators include intra-regional trade share, trade intensity, intra-regional FDI flow and share, and portfolio share. View Database

  • Asian Economic Integration Monitor

    A review of recent economic performance, new RCI developments in Asia and the Pacific, and analysis of initiatives or events that will affect the process of cooperation and integration.