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Ongoing and Past Technical Assistance

ADB formulates and provides technical assistance (TA) to developing member countries on building, strengthening and improving their statistical systems and services. Statistics TA may be directed to a specific country (advisory technical assistance - ADTA), or may cover two or more countries (regional technical assistance - RETA).

Since 1970, ADB has implemented about 60 statistical capacity building projects, for a total of more than US$22 million. A list and description of on-going and past TAs is provided below, with links to some of their key outputs.

Between 1971 and 1990, most of the statistics TAs were related to national accounts. Between 1990 and 2000, the scope of projects included national accounts, environment/agriculture/social/demographic and labor statistics, money and banking, and institutional strengthening of national statistical offices. From 2001 onwards, the projects increasingly focused on monitoring poverty and the Millennium Development Goals. Since 2002, an Investment Climate Study (ICS) program has been undertaken in four countires (Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines, and Sri Lanka) jointly with the World Bank.

Ongoing Advisory Technical Assistance

Project Country Year of approval
Support to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (TA 4897)  Afghanistan  2006

Ongoing Regional Technical Assistance

Project Year of approval
Employment, Trade and Inclusive Growth in Asia and the Pacific (RDTA 7786) 2011
Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Compile and Analyze Financial Soundness Indicators for Investment Climate (CDTA 7743) 2010
2011 International Program for Asia and the Pacific (RDTA 7507) 2010
Workshops on the Economics of Infrastructure in a Globalized World (S-RDTA 7381) 2009
Procurement and Analysis of Survey Data (RDTA 7471) 2009
Global Crisis, Remittances and Poverty in Asia (RDTA 7436) 2009
Enterprise Development and the Challenge of Inclusive Growth (RDTA 6520) 2008
Adopting the Supply and Use Framework Toward 1993 System of National Accounts Compliance in Selected DMCs (RDTA 6483) 2008
Improving Price Collection of Non-Household Expenditure Components and Updating Purchasing Power Parity Estimates for Selected DMCs (RDTA 6482) 2008

Past Advisory Technical Assistance

Project Country Year of approval
Improving National Accounts, Price and Wage Statistics (TA 4688 BAN)  Bangladesh 2006
Assessment and Socioeconomic and Macroeconomic Statistical Capacity Building (TA 4313 AFG) Afghanistan 2004
Developing a Poverty Monitoring System at the County Level (TA 4454 PRC)  China, People's Republic of 2004
Strengthening the National Statistical System Phase 2 (TA 4424 BHU)  Bhutan 2004
Improving Services Sector Statistics (TA 4125 PRC)  China, People's Republic of 2003
Investment Climate and Productivity Study (4264 - LAO) Lao PDR 2003
Improving the Climate for Investment and Productivity in Indonesia (3999-INO) Indonesia 2002
Investment Climate and Productivity Study (4018-SRI) Sri Lanka 2002
Improving the Climate for Investment and Productivity in the Philippines: An Approach to Long-Term Poverty Reduction (3932-PHI) Philippines 2002
Improving the Methodology of the National Institute of State Statistics and Information (3937-TKM) Turkmenistan 2002
Strengthening the National Statistical System - (3669-BHU) Bhutan 2001
Improving Social Statistics (3684-MON) Mongolia 2001
Building a Poverty Monitoring Mechanism (3719-TAJ) Tajikistan 2001
Strengthening the National Accounts and Poverty Monitoring System (BAN-3582) Bangladesh 2001
Improving Poverty Monitoring Surveys (PHI-3656) Philippines 2001
Strengthening the National Statistical System (NEP-3451) Nepal 2000
Establishing an Enterprise Sample Survey System (PRC-3503) China, People's Republic of 2000
Statistical System Development - Phase III (3293-CAM) Cambodia 1999
Strengthening the National Statistical System (3258-FSM) Micronesia, Federated States of 1999
Strengthening Census and Survey Capability (3161-RMI) Marshall Islands 1999
Improving National Accounts - Phase II (3330-VIE) Viet Nam 1999
Strengthening the Central Statistical Organization (2860-BHU) Bhutan 1997
Supporting Agriculture Statistics Development (2861-NEP) Nepal 1997
Institutional Strengthening of the System of National Accounts (2875-PHI) Philippines 1997
Improving National Accounts (2682-BAN) Bangladesh 1996
Development of a Gender Data Base (2514-PAK) Pakistan 1995
Institutional Strengthening of the Central Bureau of Statistics (2206-INO) Indonesia 1994
Statistical System Development (2261-CAM) Cambodia 1994
Improving National Accounts (2084-VIE) Viet Nam 1994
Seasonal Adjustment of Time Series Data (TA 1710 PHI)  Philippines 1992
Improving and Strengthening the Statistical System (1811-MON) Mongolia 1992
Development of a Gender-Disaggregated Data Base System (1823-PHI) Philippines 1992
Strengthening of Macroeconomic Management (1694-CAM) Cambodia 1992
Improvement of National Accounts (1566-PRC) China, People's Republic of 1991
Improvement of National Accounts (1261-PNG) Papua New Guinea 1989
Agricultural Statistics Improvement Project (949-PHI) Philippines 1988
Institution Building of the State Statistical Bureau (950-PRC) China, People's Republic of 1988
Construction of Quarterly National Accounts (781-INO) Indonesia 1986
Development of National Accounts (680-SAM) Samoa 1985
Development of National Accounts (613-VAN) Vanuatu 1984
Improvement of the National Accounts (45-SIN) Singapore 1971

Past Regional Technical Assistance

Title Year of approval
Measuring the Informal Sector (REG-6430) 2007
Improving Administrative Data Sources for the Monitoring of the Millennium Development Goal Indicators (CDTA 6356)  2006
Measurement and Policy Analysis for Poverty Reduction (RDTA 6364)  2006
Statistical Capacity Building in the Asia and Pacific Region (CDTA 6333)  2006
Strengthening and Collection of Purchasing Power Parity Data in Selected Developing Member Countries (6088-REG) 2002
Developing Tools for Assessing the Effectiveness of ADB Operations in Reducing Poverty (6073-REG) 2002
Poverty Mapping in Selected Developing Member Countries (6042-REG) 2002
Enhancing Social and Gender Statistics (6007-REG) 2001
Harmonizing and Strengthening Business Tendency Surveys in Selected DMCS (5938-REG) 2000
Building a Poverty Database (5917-REG) 2000
Rebasing and Linking National Accounts Series (5874-REG) 1999
Strengthening and Collection of Financial and Monetary Statistics in Selected DMCs (5869-REG) 1999
Institutional Strengthening and Collection of Environment Statistics, Phase II (5860-REG) 1999
Improvement of the South Pacific Economic and Social Database (5639-REG) 1995
International Conference on Information Systems for Transition Economies (5631-REG) 1995
Training-cum-workshop on Statistical Integration (5623-REG) 1995
Seminars for Revised System of National Accounts (5576-REG) 1994
Institutional Strengthening & Collection of Environment Statistics (5555-REG) 1993
Statistical Improvement in South Pacific Developing Member Countries (administered by ADB South Pacific Resident Mission (5532-REG) 1993
International Comparison Program Phase VI (5473-REG) 1992
Statistical Improvement of Selected Planned Asian Developing Economics (5432-REG) 1991
Development of South Pacific Economic and Social Database (5465-REG) 1991
Socio-Economic Indicators to Reflect the Participation of Women in Development (5404-REG) 1990
Statistical Manpower Training in the South Pacific (5241-REG) 1987
Joint ADB-ESCAP Workshop on International Comparison Project (5223-REG) 1986
Improvement of National Accounts in Four South Pacific Developing Member Countries (5220-REG) 1986
Study of GNP Measurement Issues in South Pacific Developing Member Countries (5179-REG) 1985
Workshop on Statistical Development for the South Pacific Region (5170-REG) 1985
Joint ADB-NEDA Workshop on Statistical Development in Asian Developing Member Countries (5147-REG) 1984