2010 Annual Evaluation Review | Asian Development Bank

2010 Annual Evaluation Review

Evaluation Document | 1 September 2010

This report summarizes the key findings and lessons of evaluation studies carried out in 2010 and highlights key lessons identified from IED's evaluations.

The Independent Evaluation Department publishes a yearly review summarizing the key findings and lessons of its evaluation studies of ADB operations. This report covers 2009, when the Operations Evaluation Department became the Independent Evaluation Department.

Evaluations in 2009 included four country assistance program evaluations, 10 project or program performance evaluation reports, and 46 project completion reports. Overall, project success rates are declining - a concern voiced in the Development Effectiveness Review 2009. Project validations covering 2009 indicate that 83% were rated partly successful and unsuccessful, and more than 76% of projects were rated less likely sustainable or worse. A 2008 evaluation study on the factors determining project success underlined the importance of close ADB supervision and strong project management by executing agencies.

The 2010 Annual Evaluation Review discusses strengthening real-time evaluation, a topic of current interest to ADB. Such evaluations can facilitate mid-course changes in project design and implementation to improve the likelihood of success. The review says ADB's focus on results-based management will necessitate strengthening real-time evaluation of operations.

Evaluations covering ADB operations in 2009 found ADB better at formulating strategies, projects, and programs than supervising their implementation.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Development Performance of ADB Assistance
  • Lessons from Evaluations for Better Development Performance
  • Strengthening Real-Time Evaluation for Development Effectiveness
  • Findings and Issues
  • Appendixes
  • ADB Management Response
  • DEC Chair Summary