2011 Annual Evaluation Review | Asian Development Bank

2011 Annual Evaluation Review

Evaluation Document | 1 May 2011

This report summarizes the key findings and lessons of evaluation studies carried out in 2010, and provides trends in the success rates of ADB operations. 

The Independent Evaluation Department publishes a yearly review summarizing the key findings and lessons of its evaluation studies of ADB operations. This report covers 2010.

The combined ratings for all 57 ADB sovereign lending operations for ADB projects and programs evaluated or validated in 2010 indicate that 51% were successful, 33% were partly successful, and 16% were unsuccessful. The long-term trend - based on cumulative 5-year moving averages - for sovereign operations shows a marked increase in success rates from the approval period 1995-1999. However, after peaking at over 70%, performance began to decline in 2000. The review says the declining trend was heavily influenced by project and program performance in countries that are experiencing social and/or political unrest.

Country assistance program evaluations for Bhutan and the Lao People's Democratic Republic conducted in 2010 rated ADB strategies and programs in both countries successful.

The review says the Independent Evaluation Department devoted resources in 2010 to promote evaluation capacity development through training its own staff, ADB staff, and personnel in developing member countries through several initiatives.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Development Performance of ADB Projects and Programs
  • Learning from Evaluations
  • Review of Management Actions on Evaluation Recommendations for Improving Policies, Strategies, and Business Procedures
  • Overall Conclusion: Findings, Issues, and Suggestions
  • Management Response