2014 Annual Evaluation Review | Asian Development Bank

Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

2014 Annual Evaluation Review

Evaluation Document | 23 June 2014

This report examines ADB's operational performance in 2013 and the follow-up to evaluation recommendations. It also reviews recent evaluations and offers analysis, lessons and suggestions for operations and strategy development.

Many of the region’s economies continue to grow fast, but there are heavy overhanging clouds. The growth process is being threatened by high pollution levels, climate change, resource depletion, and growing social inequality. Poverty remains deep in many areas, while the growth process does not rely sufficiently on the potential contribution of lower income groups. Real choices need to be made, between short and long term growth, high and inclusive growth, and brown and green growth.

This 2014 Annual Evaluation Review (AER) examines ADB’s operational performance in 2013, and the follow-up given to evaluation recommendations that Management agreed to. The report reviews recent evaluations and offers analysis, lessons and suggestions for operations and strategy development. This AER adds a special analysis of the sustainability of energy operations (a significantly growing portfolio in ADB), and a theme chapter on inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth and its trade-offs, which was at the core of Midterm Review of ADB's Strategy 2020.

The conclusion from Independent Evaluation’s Inclusion, Resilience, Change: ADB’s Strategy 2020 at Mid-Term is that ADB’s best contribution lies in supporting broad-based green growth and wider access to growth opportunities and services, particularly of the poor. Betting on green growth may well hold some wins for inclusive growth.

All this comes at a time when ADB’s portfolio gives indications of improved performance, as this AER signals. Sustaining and deepening that improvement would rest both on strategic choices in the portfolio and follow-up of implementation supervision. 


  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Assessment of ADB Operations
  • Chapter 3: Follow-Up to Evaluation Recommendations
  • Chapter 4: ADB’s Energy Operations—Their Sustainability and Inclusion
  • Chapter 5: Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Growth
  • Appendixes