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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

2019 Annual Evaluation Review: Results Frameworks and Scorecards

Evaluation Document | 22 November 2018

ONGOING EVALUATION. The Annual Evaluation Review (AER) is a flagship report of the Independent Evaluation Department. Based on evaluation and validation work undertaken during 2018, the 2019 AER will highlight key findings and make recommendations to inform the development agenda of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The AER provides ADB Management, member countries, and other actors in the development arena with an independent perspective on the performance of ADB operations in the region. The 2019 AER complements two reports produced by Management on ADB’s performance: (i) the Development Effectiveness Review which is ADB Management’s review of performance against ADB’s results framework, and (ii) the Annual Portfolio Performance Review that details the state of ADB’s sovereign and nonsovereign portfolios. The 2019 AER is scheduled for discussion by the ADB Board in April 2019 after which it will be publicly available on ADB’s website.

The AER has four main objectives: (i) to present a synthesis of results and performance of ADB-supported operations based on independent evaluation methodology and criteria; (ii) to dig deeper on selected issues concerning ADB’s performance and performance management, from an evaluation perspective; (iii) to discuss the follow up to evaluation recommendations and highlight evaluation lessons that can be used by ADB, recipient countries, and the development community to improve development effectiveness; and (iv) to aid communications within and outside ADB.