2024 Annual Evaluation Review: Drivers of ADB’s Country Engagement Approach and Quality

Evaluation Document | 20 October 2023

ONGOING EVALUATION. The Annual Evaluation Review (AER) provides the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Board, Management, and other stakeholders with an independent, high-level perspective on development effectiveness based on findings and evidence from the Independent Evaluation Department’s (IED) evaluations and validations of ADB’s self-evaluation reports.

The 2024 AER report will include three chapters. The first chapter will update ADB’s aggregate performance and results in the past year (2023). The second chapter, the AER theme chapter, will examine the premise that high quality stakeholder engagement and strong consultative processes are needed to balance the interests, priorities, and demands of developing member country clients and ADB shareholders in the development and implementation of its Country Partnership Strategies. The third chapter will provide updates on the progress made in implementing IED evaluation recommendations.