Access to Information Policy | Asian Development Bank

Access to Information Policy

Institutional Document | September 2018

The proposed policy focuses on the guiding principles and the exceptions to disclosure.

Following extensive internal and external consultations, the policy review showed that the principles and disclosure exceptions of the PCP are in line with those of other multilateral development banks and many countries. However, the business of ADB is changing as the bank adapts to the needs of a fast-changing region. ADB’s disclosure policy needs to match this rapid evolution.

ADB proposes a two-part disclosure policy framework: (i) a principles-based policy, called Access to Information Policy, to be approved by ADB’s Board of Directors and (ii) detailed implementation arrangements to be approved by ADB Management and made publicly available in ADB’s Operations Manual, in accordance with ADB’s normal procedures

The proposed policy reflects ADB’s commitment to continued transparency, accountability and participation by stakeholders in ADB’s work in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Background
  • Introduction
  • Policy Principles and Exceptions
  • Information Requests and Appeals
  • Policy Monitoring and Amendments
  • Policy Effective Date
  • Recommendation