Asian Development Bank-Islamic Development Bank Partnership and Cofinancing Guide

Business Guide | September 2016

This guide outlines the internal arrangements of ADB and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for cofinancing projects to facilitate understanding and better alignment of processing and implementation procedures.

ADB and IDB extended their 3-year framework cofinancing agreement (FCA) for 2012–2014 to 2017. The common pipeline target is $6 billion—up to $2.5 billion from ADB and up to $3.5 billion from IDB—for projects in transport, energy, urban development and services, education, agriculture, health, regional cooperation, private sector development, and promotion of public–private partnerships.

Quick facts:

  • IDB is ADB’s third-largest multilateral partner for project cofinancing as of December 2015.
  • IDB and ADB signed a memorandum of understanding on Establishing Cooperation Arrangements in November 2007 to broaden collaboration.
  • IDB and ADB signed a framework cofinancing agreement (FCA) in September 2008 ($4 billion) for 2009–2011 and a new FCA in November 2011 ($6 billion) for 2012–2014. In September 2014, the 2011 FCA was extended until 2017.


  • Background
  • Starting Point
  • Common Member Countries and Priority Sectors
  • Institutional Coordination
  • Project Processing Coordination
  • Implementation Coordination
  • Project Completion Coordination
  • Evaluation Coordination
  • Headquarters and Regional and Country Offices in Common Member Countries