ADBI Results Framework

Institutional Document | August 2012

ADBI has published a results framework, the culmination of a lengthy analysis of all aspects of ADBI's operations.

The ADBI results framework impacts on all three of our main areas of activity: research, capacity building and training, and outreach. By establishing a set of measurable indicators across ADBI's whole range of activities, its strategic direction is much clearer for its stakeholders and staff, who will be able to see how individual achievements fit into ADBI's broader picture.

This is the first knowledge management results framework in ADB and the first among the major multilateral development banks to combine research, capacity building and training, and outreach and dissemination. ADB is in the process of establishing its own knowledge management results framework and ADBI will be working closely to ensure that the frameworks are compatible.

Readers who are primarily interested in the indicators ADBI will use to track its performance will find them here.

The ADBI results framework is the outcome of a complex and time-consuming process of self-examination and provides a clear indication of how seriously ADBI takes the need to track and improve its performance. Establishing well-defined measurable indicators and monitoring our performance against them will give us a clearer idea of where our strengths and weaknesses lie and will enable us to strengthen our performance as a result. The results framework will help ADBI achieve its goal of being one of the most relevant and respected think tanks in Asia and and the Pacific.

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