ADF VIII Donors' Report: Fighting Poverty in Asia

Institutional Document | November 2000

In November 2000, donors to the Asian Development Fund (ADF) recommended $5.645 billion as the level of ADF operations for the four-year period 2001-2004. Portugal and Singapore joined as donors to the ADF.

Key recommendations of the ADF VIII Donors' Report:

  • Carry out ADF operations under the general ADB-wide framework of the Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • Use ADB's instruments for advice and financing to pursue private sector development outcomes
  • Give greater attention to cross-cutting issues of gender, environmental sustainability, and core labor standards
  • Use ADB's special mandate and comparative advantage to pursue cooperation among the region's developing member countries (DMCs)
  • Deal with drug trafficking and money laundering
  • Take the lead in coordinating operations with other development partners to build partnerships and achieve greater development impact
  • Ensure that ADF funds go to the DMCs that can make the most efficient and productive use of them; a system based on the priorities of the Poverty Reduction Strategy shall be used to allocate such funds
  • Good governance principles should be applied to and reflected in ADB's internal governance


  • Introduction
  • The International Development Goals
  • Poverty in Developing Asia
  • ADB and ADF: Vision and Role
  • ADB's Framework for Poverty Reduction
  • Development Through Partnership
  • ADF Resources: Portfolio Management and Performance
  • The Strategy for Implementing ADF VIII
  • Planned Lending in ADF VIII
  • Financing Framework for ADF VIII
  • Issues for Policy Review
  • Midterm Review of ADF VIII
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • ADB funds and products
  • Asian Development Fund

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