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Afghanistan: Power Transmission and Distribution Project

Evaluation Document | 23 August 2017

In 2005, the Board of Directors of Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved the $50 million Power Transmission and Distribution Project to construct and rehabilitate the transmission network and associated substations and low-voltage distribution networks in its capital Kabul and adjacent rural areas. ADB approved financing for the entire estimated cost of the project and capacity building in accordance with the approved waiver or cost-sharing limits for loans and TA operations for Afghanistan, reflecting the government’s dependency on foreign aid, lack of suitable conditions for private sector investment, and the post-conflict environment. Project design and preparation drew on the lessons from the ongoing implementation of the Emergency Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project, and complemented two other transmission projects for connecting Kabul to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

A project completion report (PCR) was prepared in September 2016 and is the subject of the validation. IED overall assessment: Successful.