Annex 6: Environmental and Social Management Framework

Institutional Document | September 2023

This framework articulates the environment and social policy and procedures to address environmental, social, and sustainability issues; and prescribes standards and monitoring compliance benchmarks to manage environmental and social risks associated with CRPP Investment Fund’s portfolio of investments.

The Community Resilience Partnership Program (CRPP) is a regional partnership program of ADB which aims to help countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific region scale up investments in climate adaptation, especially investments at the community level, that explicitly target the nexus between climate change, poverty, and gender. The CRPP is operationalized through the Community Resilience Financing Partnership Facility, administered by ADB. The CRFPF includes (i) a multi-donor CRPP Trust Fund, and (ii) CRPP Investment Fund (IF).

Under the CRPP IF, an Environment and Social Management Framework has been developed to articulate the environmental and social policy; detail the procedures in addressing environmental, social and sustainability issues; prescribe standards and guidelines; and set monitoring compliance procedures to manage environmental and social impacts and risks associated with portfolio of investments. All CRPP projects will be subject to ADB’s safeguards policies and requirements as outlined in ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement.

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  • About the Annex
  • Introduction
  • Programme Description
  • Environmental and Social Management Policy and Applicable Requirements
  • Environmental and Social Management Procedures
  • Implementation Arrangements

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • ADB funds and products
  • Climate change
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