Annual Report Summary of the Development Effectiveness Committee, 2016

Institutional Document | December 2016

This annual report summary presents the DEC’s discussions on the evaluation studies conducted by the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) pertaining to ADB policies, strategies, and completed operations for the period of 1 January to 31 December 2016.

The DEC held nine meetings in 2016, reviewed IED's findings and recommendations on ADB's institutional and development effectiveness, and provided feedback to IED and ADB Management. It commented on thematic and corporate evaluations conducted by IED, including (i) ADB’s partnership, (ii) ADB’s environmental sustainability growth agenda, (iii) comparative and institutional review of private sector operations, (iv) Sri Lanka’s country assistance program evaluation, (v) ADB’s support to middle-income countries, and (vi) ADB’s safeguard experience. It also reviewed selected chapters of the 2016 Annual Evaluation Review and the 2015 Annual Portfolio Performance Report.

Mr. Marvin Taylor-Dormond was appointed as the new Director General of the IED. The DEC thanked Mr. Vinod Thomas for his contribution on his 5-year term as DG, IED.

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