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Armenia: Country Gender Assessment

Institutional Document | December 2019

This report examines Armenia’s progress in achieving gender equality in the government, economy, society, and culture. It analyzes gender issues in key sectors such as energy, transport, and urban development.

Armenia has made steady improvements in gender equality over the years through a strategic focus on integrating gender concerns into operations of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the country. This report also examines the challenges of mainstreaming gender equality and promoting women’s empowerment in ADB programs and projects. Developed in cooperation with the government and other partners, this country gender assessment identifies gender entry points to improve gender equality outcomes and ultimately intends to be a guide in developing and implementing policies, programs, and projects with a social and gender perspective.


  • Introduction
  • Context
  • Crosscutting Gender Equality Issues
  • ADB Portfolio Sectors
  • Conclusion
  • Appendixes