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Armenia: Infrastructure Sustainability Support Program (Phase 2)

Evaluation Document | 29 July 2019

Upon the request of the Government of Armenia, ADB in 2014 initiated a program of support to improve public financial management (PFM) in infrastructure with the preparation of the Infrastructure Sustainability Support Program (ISSP). The program focused on institutional reforms to align government agencies in the road and water sectors with their responsibilities and avoid duplication of effort. The ISSP (Phase 2)—ISSP 2 or the program2—continued this support for improved infrastructure governance through reforms in the power, road, and water sectors (power was not included in ISSP Phase 1 or ISSP 1). The program aimed to achieve reform through fully implemented program budgeting, improved regulation, increased budget and other allocations for maintenance, improved contracting and maintenance practices and institutions for infrastructure service delivery, and increased power sector revenue generation.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the program. IED overall assessment: Successful.