Armenia: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

Evaluation Document | 27 October 2020

The Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project aimed to improve public health and the environment for beneficiaries in 29 project towns and 160 villages through provision of improved access to safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply and  sanitation services. Overall, the evaluation assessed the project successful. The project has resulted in improved continuity and quality of water supply in the project towns and villages, and it contributed significantly to the enabling environment for private sector participation in Armenia’s water supply and sanitation services. Attention to sanitation has been lacking, however, and nonrevenue water was not sufficiently addressed.

This evaluation offers the following recommendations: Asian Development Bank should (i) continue policy dialogue with the government and other stakeholders on tariff reform to support sustainable delivery of water supply and sanitation services, (ii) accelerate its support for sanitation in Armenia, and (iii) include, among its water supply and sanitation investments in Armenia, specific measures to tackle and monitor nonrevenue water.