Asian Currency Note Programme Offering Circular (11 August 2010)

Institutional Document | August 2010

Asian Development Bank ("ADB") may issue from time to time under its Asian Currency Note Programme (the "Programme") notes with final maturities exceeding one year from the date of original issuance thereof which are denominated in specified Asian currencies ("Notes"). A pricing supplement (each, a "Pricing Supplement") will contain the terms and pricing details of each particular issue of Notes. Notes may be sold through one or more dealers appointed by ADB ("Dealers") or directly by ADB itself to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Notes may be either interest bearing at fixed or floating rates or non-interest bearing and may be redeemable at par or at a specified amount above or below par, in each case with terms as specified in the applicable Pricing Supplement. Notes will have maturities as specified in the applicable Pricing Supplement and may be subject to early redemption in whole or in part, as specified in the applicable Pricing Supplement. Notes may be listed on one or more stock or fixed-income securities exchanges, or may be unlisted, as specified in the applicable Pricing Supplement.

This offering circular was issued on 11 August 2010.


  • Availability of Information and Incorporation by Reference
  • Pricing Supplements
  • Duration
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Summary
  • Risk Factors
  • Form of Notes
  • Terms and Conditions of the Notes
  • Clearance and Settlement
  • Tax Considerations
  • Plan of Distribution
  • Validity of the Notes

Additional Details

  • ADB funds and products

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