Asian Development Bank Institute Three-Year Rolling Work Program, 2014–2016 and Budget for 2014

Institutional Document | December 2013

Pursuant to Article V(3)(a) of the Statute of the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), this paper presents a three-year rolling work program for 2014–2016 including the budget for 2014, for the consideration of and approval by the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

ADBI’s institutional strategic focus is aligned with ADB’s Strategy 2020, following three priority themes under the overarching goal of poverty reduction: (i) inclusive and sustainable growth, (ii) regional cooperation and integration, and (iii) governance for policies and institutions. Private sector issues play a critical role as a driver of change and therefore cut across these themes. These three strategic priority themes, which were approved by the Board of Directors in December 2008, will continue to be the basis for all ADBI activities in 2014.


  • Introduction
  • Asian Development Bank Institute's Vision
  • Strategic Objectives and Approach
  • Rolling Work Program for 2014–2016
  • Staff and Budget Framework
  • Recommendation
  • Appendixes