Asian Development Fund 12 and 13

Evaluation Document | 20 February 2023

ONGOING EVALUATION. The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) assesses the performance of ADF operations every 4 years and provides lessons and recommendations for improving its development effectiveness and informing the next replenishment. The previous evaluation focused on ADF XI and 12 operations (2013–2018) and support for Strategy 2020. 

The purpose of this evaluation is to examine the performance of Asian Development Fund (ADF) 12 and 13 concessional resources; and inform negotiations for ADF 14. The evaluation will focus on the allocation, use, and performance of ADB concessional assistance for ADF developing member countries (DMCs), primarily ADF grants in the 10 ADF grant-only countries and 3 ADF blend countries. It will draw from the ADF 13 midterm review (self-evaluation) and validate and update its findings on the thematic pool, disaster response facility (DRF+), pilot private sector window (PSW), and support for Afghanistan. The evaluation will examine the performance-based allocation (PBA) framework, the economic vulnerability premium (EVP) for small island developing states (SIDS), and the novel financing arrangement in Afghanistan. Lastly, given the introduction and prominence of ADF in the FCAS and SIDS Approach (FSA), the evaluation will assess the initial progress made since its adoption in 2021, and pay attention to the monitoring and evaluation systems to confirm that they provide timely evidence on ADF results.