Assessment of the Effectiveness of Bank Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in Indonesia

Evaluation Document | 31 December 1996

This evaluation assesses selected ADB-financed advisory and operational technical assistance in Indonesia as of end-1995.

This study evaluates 61 of the 122 advisory and operational technical assistance (AOTA) projects that ADB financed in Indonesia as of end-1995. Indonesia is one of the largest recipients of AOTA from ADB, and it covers a wide range of sectors and subsectors.

AOTAs in all executing agencies were rated partly successful in terms of technical effectiveness. But in terms of effectiveness in institution building, they ranged from partly successful to unsuccessful. The determining factor here was the choice of consultant, while the main factors contributing to the success of institutional strengthening were the diagnostic studies of recipient agencies, a high level of recipient commitment and input in the government, realistic objectives, and deliverable outputs.

The study notes that AOTAs were not carefully planned to support a coherent capacity building program in critical sectors in government or key agencies.

Among the major issues identified by the study were a mixed level of commitment to, and ownership of, AOTAs on the part of government; and a lack of strategic focus to guide the Identification of priority areas which could use technical assistance effectively.

The study recommends, among other things, that ADB work closely with the Indonesian government to improve the identification and delivery of AOTAs, develop effective mechanisms for monitoring AOTAs during implementation, and for the continued monitoring of AOTA recommendations after project completion.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Main Findings of the Study
  • Key Issues for the Future
  • Recommendations
  • Recent Development in the Bank