Assessment of the Implementation of the Public Communications Policy in 2011

Institutional Document | December 2012

This report covers the implementation of the Public Communications Policy (PCP) from 1 January to 31 December 2011 under the requirements of the PCP 2005.

The Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2005 commits the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to greater transparency and openness in its operations. The PCP became effective on 1 September 2005 and promotes proactive external relations and improved access to information by expanding the range of publicly available documentation covering ADB operations.

Since 2005, ADB has monitored the implementation of the PCP and published the assessment in an annual report. This is the last annual report under PCP 2005.

In October 2011, ADB approved the revised PCP and it became effective on 2 April 2012.


  • Introduction
  • Proactive External Relations
  • Disclosure of Information
  • Strengthening Transparency and Accountability
  • Appendixes