Asian Water Development Outlook 2020: Description of Methodology and Data

Institutional Document | December 2020

This report describes the methodology behind the Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) 2020 approach and the five key dimensions of water security.

It gives an overview of the indicators used, underlying assumptions, and data sources. As such, it provides a summary of the Key Dimension Reports. This report includes the scores for all indicators for all ADB members—for AWDO 2020, as well as for AWDO 2013 and AWDO 2016—using the AWDO 2020 methodology.


  • Introduction
  • Methodological Approach AWDO
  • Key Dimension 1: Rural Household Water Security
  • Key Dimension 2: Economic Water Security
  • Key Dimension 3: Urban Water Security
  • Key Dimension 4: Environmental Water Security
  • Key Dimension 5: Water-Related Disaster Security
  • National Water Security – Adding the Key Dimensions
  • Impact of Methodological Changes of AWDO 2020 on the Scores as Published in AWDO 2013 and AWDO 2016
  • Banding of National Water Security Scores into Stages of Water Security Development
  • General Assessment of Methodological Approach AWDO 2020

Additional Details

  • Water
  • Water Resource Management
  • Water sector development
  • 118
  • 8.5 x 11

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