Azerbaijan: Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Program (Multitranche Financing Facility and Tranche 3)

Evaluation Document | 18 August 2020

ADB approved a multitranche financing facility (MFF) in September 2009 for the Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Program up to $600 million from ADB's ordinary capital resources. The program aimed to improve public health and environment in the participating towns with about 500,000 residents, through enhanced coverage, continuity and quality of water supply and wastewater disposal. It proposed five tranches, and adopted a long-term and holistic approach to improve facilities, institutions, and capacities, which would collectively contribute to enhanced service delivery.

Following the approval of tranche 1 in 2009 and tranche 2 in 2011, tranche 3 under the investment program was approved in December 2013 for $150 million. It aimed to improve the water supply and sanitation infrastructure in Agjabedi and the peri-urban areas of Nakhchivan, benefiting over 70,000 residents. ADB prepared three project completion reports (PCRs), two tranche-specific PCRs and one PCR for the facility and tranche 3. The latter is the subject of this validation. IED overall assessment: Successful (MFF 0032, Loan 2842 and Loan 3079); Less than successful (Loan 2571).