Bangladesh: Bangladesh–India Electrical Grid Interconnection Project

Evaluation Document | 23 August 2017

In 2010, the ADB Board of Directors approved a $100 million equivalent loan to finance the construction of the grid interconnection and related substations in Bangladesh for the facilities required to transmit power from Baharampur, India to Bheramara, Bangladesh. The proposed project was to help Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) reduce the power deficit, improve the power supply, and lower dependence on inefficient, expensive, captive, and rented generation facilities. Stand-alone technical assistance (TA) was provided to engage consultants who will advise BPDB on cross-border power purchase contracts and to undertake BPDB staff capacity building. A second ADB loan of $12 million equivalent was approved in 2013 to meet cost escalations.

A project completion report was prepared in September 2016 and is the subject of this validation. IED overall assessment: Successful.