Bangladesh: Sustainable Power Sector Development Program

Evaluation Document | 23 August 2017

Beginning in 1994 and in collaboration with other development partners, ADB provided extensive support for the reform and development of the power sector in Bangladesh. ADB strategy for the power sector in Bangladesh included expanding and upgrading the power supply system as part of a least-cost expansion plan. In 2007, the Board of Directors of ADB approved the Sustainable Power Sector Development Program consisting of a (i) $60 million program loan from ADB’s Special Funds, (ii) $400 million project loan from ADB’s ordinary capital resources (OCR), and (iii) $5 million project loan from ADB’s special funds. The program was to support the government’s efforts to expand the power supply system and restructure the sector.

A project completion report (PCR) was prepared in September 2016 and is the subject of this validation. IED overall assessment: Successful.