Bhutan: Road Improvement Project

Evaluation Document | 31 December 2007

Validates the completion report's assessment of the project aimed at resurfacing roads, improving slope stability and setting up a pilot equipment-leasing scheme in Bhutan. The project was expected to contribute to the integration of the domestic market, enhance market access, increase employment opportunities, stimulate private sector activity, improve road safety, and develop public-private partnerships. IED overall assessment: Successful.

<ul> <li>Basic Project Data</li> <li>Project Description</li> <li>Evaluation of Design and Implementation</li> <li>Evaluation of Performance</li> <li>Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations</li> <li>Monitoring and Evaluation Design, Implementation, and Utilization</li> <li>Other</li> <li>Recommendations for OED Follow up</li> <li>Ratings</li> <li>Comments on PCR Quality</li> <li>Regional Department&#39;s Response</li> </ul>