Board of Directors' Report (2006 Annual Report)

Institutional Document | April 2007

This report provides an overview of ADB Board of Directors' activities for 2006 and is produced as part of the ADB Annual Report 2006.

The Board of Directors strongly supports President Kuroda's call for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to enhance its relevance, responsiveness, and results orientation. These are key benchmarks for ADB's effectiveness that require increasing both the quality and quantity of assistance. ADB is gradually shifting from a focus on loan approvals to a focus on outcomes. Its country strategies are becoming more selective, more responsive to country priorities, and have better monitoring frameworks. Project design frameworks have improved but need to continue to do so. The proportion of projects at risk is declining and project performance has continued its upward trend. Devoting sufficient attention to implementation and monitoring, however, remains an ongoing challenge.

The Board considered a number of new or revised policies and strategies that target ADB's greater relevance, responsiveness, and results orientation. These included the medium-term strategy, financing partnership strategy, and regional cooperation and integration strategy. A recurrent theme in discussions on policies was the need to ensure that they support development in developing member countries without unduly burdening them with conditions for ADB involvement. The policies' resource implications were repeatedly raised in Board discussions, and Management and staff were encouraged to strengthen the link between policy and strategic priorities and ADB's resource allocation.