Building Partnerships for Development: Regional Cooperation Strategy and Program (2004-2006)

Institutional Document | October 2004

This booklet presents the first Regional Cooperation and Strategy and Program (RCSP) for Central Asia and focuses on the ADB assistance for regional cooperation for the period, 2004-2006.

The RCSP comprises two components. The core program will continue to focus on energy, transport, and trade facilitation projects with tangible, equitable, positive results to secure better access to outside markets and to link the region to neighboring economies. The second component is an expanded program of regional cooperation designed to forge partnerships with other development partners to take advantage of emergency opportunities.

The RCSP will be updated regularly through continuous consultations with stakeholders.


  • Map
  • Executive Summary
  • About CAREC
  • Prospects for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
  • Governance
  • Private Sector Develoment
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Donor Activity in the Central Asian Republics
  • ADB's Strategy for Regional Cooperation
  • Mobilizing Resources
  • Risks
  • Appendixes