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Cambodia: Country Operations Business Plan (2019-2021)

Institutional Document | September 2018

The country operations business plan (COBP), 2019–2021 is in line with the country partnership strategy (CPS), 2014–2018 and the priorities reflected in the Rectangular Strategy Phase III, National Strategic Development Plan 2014–2018, and the Industrial Development Policy 2015–2025.  

The CPS builds on two strategic pillars (deepened rural-urban-regional linkages and targeted human and social development) and a facilitating crosscutting pillar (enhanced public sector management). In the energy sector, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), under the first pillar of the CPS, will increase the scope of its operations by strengthening the power transmission network to ensure increased supply and improved system reliability in the urban growth areas of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. The strategic thrust of the CPS, 2014−2018 remains valid for the COBP, 2019−2021.


  • Consistency of Business Plan with Country Partnership Strategy
  • Indicative Resource Parameters
  • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Programs
  • Appendixes