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Cambodia: Energy Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map

Institutional Document | December 2018

This publication focuses on the strategic investment priorities of ADB in the energy sector of Cambodia.

It highlights sector performance, priority development constraints, government plans and strategies, and ADB’s past and future support. The sector assessment, strategy, and road map is aligned with ADB’s Strategy 2030 and will inform its country partnership strategy for Cambodia, 2019–2023, which is currently under development. It seeks to help provide sector background information for investment and technical assistance operations.


  • Sector Assessment
    • Introduction
    • General Country Context
    • Overview of the Energy Sector
    • Electricity Subsector Assessment
    • Key Subsector Constraints and Development Needs
  • Sector Strategy
    • Government Sector Strategy, Policy, and Plans
    • ADB Sector Support Program and Experience
    • ADB Self-Evaluation
    • Other Development Partner Support
    • ADB Sector Strategy
    • Lending and Nonlending Program and Resource Needs
  • Energy Sector: Road Map and Results Framework, 2019–2023
  • Appendix: Energy Sector Problem Tree