Capacity Development Action Plan: Annual Progress Report 2010

Institutional Document | April 2011

This progress report covers the first year of implementation after the refinements in the Capacity Development Action Plan were endorsed, and provides a broader corporate perspective that covers the period 2007-2010.

In January 2007, ADB Management approved "Integrating Capacity Development into Country Programs and Operations: Medium-Term Framework and Action Plan" (hereafter called the CD Action Plan). Following two years of implementation, the CD Action Plan was refined to streamline and consolidate outputs and activities to enable a more effective mainstreaming of capacity development in ADB's operations.

The present report is the first progress report after the refinements in the CD Action Plan were approved by Management in February 2010. Detailed progress reporting against the refined Action Plan is included in this report, and covers its first year of implementation; the main text of the report provides a broader corporate perspective and covers the period 2007-2010.


  • Main Messages from the Report
  • Introduction
  • Capacity Development as a Thematic Priority
  • Driving Change: Capacity Development in Country Programming and Operations
  • Establishing Internal Support Systems for Capacity Development
  • Conclusions
  • Appendixes