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CAREC Transport Strategy 2030

Institutional Document | January 2020

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Transport Strategy 2030 builds on progress made and lessons learned from the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020.

It separates trade facilitation from transport and links to the overall CAREC 2030 program in the areas of enhanced connectivity and sustainability. This strategy underscores increasing sustainability and network quality alongside continued construction and rehabilitation of transport corridors, and places more emphasis on multimodal connectivity, road asset management, road safety, and performance-based maintenance goals. The CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 will be implemented in conjunction with the CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030.


  • Introduction
  • Lessons Learned
  • CAREC Transport Sector Strategic Framework
  • Strategic Pillar—Cross-Border Transport and Logistics Facilitation
  • Strategic Pillar—Roads and Road Asset Management
  • Strategic Pillar—Road Safety
  • Strategic Pillar—Railways
  • Strategic Pillar—Aviation
  • Implementation Arrangements and Action Plan
  • Appendixes