Chair’s Summary - Country Partnership Strategy: Tajikistan, 2021-2025 - Improving the Quality of Growth

Institutional Document | September 2021

This document summarizes the discussion of the meeting of the ADB Board of Directors held on 17 September 2021 discussing the Country Partnership Strategy for Tajikistan, 2021-2025 - Improving the Quality of Growth.

The Directors expressed support for the three strategic focus areas of the CPS: (i) supporting structural reforms to enhance the efficiency of resource allocation and mobilization in transition to a market economy; (ii) improving labor productivity through human capital development; and (iii) fostering better livelihoods through investment in a land-linked economy, as well as cross-cutting issues of climate change, regional cooperation and integration, and gender equality.

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Tajikistan

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