Guide to the Client Portal for Disbursements

Business Guide | December 2017

The Client Portal for Disbursements (CPD) is a secure web application of the Asian Development Bank which allows executing agencies and implementing agencies to prepare, submit, and track withdrawal applications online.

Using the system can speed up the preparation and submission of withdrawal applications by borrowers and reduce transaction costs. The CPD enables real-time communication between the user and ADB on matters pertaining to the withdrawal application.

Only authorized users can access the system. Users can request access by completing the registration and evidence of authorized persons forms. Borrowers can also request viewer access. 

The system caters only for sovereign loans and grants withdrawal application. More information can be found in the brochure.

For borrowers and their executing and implementing agencies, the link to the external Client Portal for Disbursements is

View a short video presentation about CPD and its benefits to ADB's DMCs and their executing and implementing agencies.