Climate Change Fund Board Paper

Institutional Document | March 2008

The Climate Change Fund (CCF) aims to facilitate greater investments in developing member countries to address the causes and consequences of climate change alongside ADB’s own assistance in various related sectors. The CCF will be a key mechanism to pool resources within ADB to address climate change through (i) technical assistance (TA), (ii) investment components for both private and public sector projects, and (iii) any other form of cooperation that partners and ADB may agree upon for a defined program of activities.

Eligible areas for use of CCF resources include climate change mitigation and adaptation activities under ADB’s CCP. The CCF and the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF) under this program complement each other as the CCF expands the resources available to address climate change from only mitigation activities (such as clean energy, carbon financing, etc.) to a more holistic program that includes activities in adaptation as well as forestry and land use. This will allow ADB to address the cross-cutting social vulnerability issues related to climate change such as changes in livelihood, health impacts, and increased emergencies and disasters caused by extreme climate.

Additional Details

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