Continuing Reform to Promote Growth: Update of the Private Sector Assessment for Tonga

Institutional Document | June 2012

This analysis is a follow-up to Transforming Tonga: A Private Sector Assessment. It assesses progress made until early 2012 in reducing transaction costs and other barriers to growth identified in the 2008 private sector assessment.

It concludes that Tonga has been one of the leading reformers in the Pacific in improving its business environment, although it has been impacted by the adverse macroeconomic shocks arising from the global economic crisis.


  • Boxes, Figures, and Tables
  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Diagrammatic Summary
  • Introduction
  • Reducing Constraints to Private Sector Development and Reform Progress in Tonga
  • Institutions to Support Private Sector Growth
  • Appendix: Recommendations for Further Reform