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Myanmar: Country Assistance Plan (2001-2003)

Institutional Document | December 2000

According to official estimates, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth had declined between FY1995/96 and FY1997/98, largely attributable to the adverse impact of bad weather on agricultural production.

Another factor is the shortage of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides caused by foreign exchange constraints. GDP grew by 5.8 percent In FY1998/99 and is now reported to have grown by about 10 percent in FY1999/2000. Real growth in the agriculture sector declined from 5.0 percent in FY1996/97 to 3.7 percent in FY1997/98, but it recovered to 4.5 percent in FY1998/99 and is estimated to have exceeded 10 percent in FY1999/2000 owing to good weather and an increase in cultivated areas. The economy remains largely an agrarian economy with the agriculture sector accounting for more than 40 percent of GDP including related activities such as livestock, fishing, and forestry. Therefore, agriculture performance is the most important factor in GDP growth and socioeconomic development.


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