Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Bhutan (2010)

Evaluation Document | 31 July 2010

This country assistance program evaluation presents an evaluation of ADB's financial and technical assistance to Bhutan in the amount of $317 million that was ongoing or completed during 2001-2009.

Since 2001, ADB has approved 12 Asian Development Fund loans or grants to Bhutan totaling $195 million and one ordinary capital resources loan for $51 million, as well as technical assistance support. The projects have ranged from expanding rural electrification and developing transport networks to financial and private sector development.

The overall rating for ADB country operations and programs in Bhutan is successful. ADB assistance in the 2001-2009 review period included the connection of nearly 17,000 households to the electricity grid and preparing public-private partnership models for hydropower projects.

Although the implementation efficiency of ADB projects in Bhutan is still above the ADB average, it has been declining in recent years; possibly due to the increasing size of projects and the complexity of project designs. The study says, "Given rapidly growing volume of financial assistance, these issues need to be addressed."

Among the study's key recommendations is improving the results of ADB strategies and programs through assistance for developing results-based government sector investment and institutional development strategies. The study also recommends enhancing the effectiveness of support for capacity development in Bhutan through assessments of institutional capacity development needs at central and local government levels in key sectors of ADB operations.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Government Development Priorities and ADB Assistance
  • Evaluation of ADB Assistance
  • Key Findings, Lessons, Issues, and Recommendations
  • Appendixes