Viet Nam: Country Operational Strategy Study | Asian Development Bank

Viet Nam: Country Operational Strategy Study

Institutional Document | December 1995

This country operational strategy study for Viet Nam describes the strategic framework for ADB operations in the country.

In 2001, the Country Operational Strategy Study (COSS) was replaced by the Country Strategy and Program. Effective August 2006, the Country Strategy and Program was renamed Country Partnership Strategy.

The COSS was the primary country-specific document in ADB's planning and programming cycle. It is prepared in close consultation with developing member countries (DMCs) and other aid agencies.

The COSS is anchored on strong sectoral analysis. It

  • provides the basis for determining ADB's country-specific, thematic, and sectoral priorities
  • provides a framework for country performance review
  • identifies and describes the distinctive role of ADB in the DMC in the context of the ADB's strategic objectives and the development priorities of the DMC
  • facilitates ADB's decisions regarding choices in its operational program in the DMC
  • provides the strategic framework to guide the preparation of the Country Assistance Plans

The COSS is usually prepared once every 3 years and is revised, as necessary, in the last quarter of a year for guiding the succeeding year's operational decisions.


  • Maps
  • Executive Summary
  • Review of Economic and Social Developments
  • Main Development Concerns and Constraints
  • The Government's Medium-term Strategy
  • Review of the Bank's Operations and External Assistance
  • The Future Role of the Bank
  • Appendixes