Digital Agenda 2030: Special Capital Expenditure Requirements for 2019–2023

Institutional Document | October 2018

The Digital Agenda 2030 provides the vision and road map for ADB’s digital transformation through the use of secure, modern information and technology systems and digital processes to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience.

Lessons learned from previous IT reforms show the importance of strong governance and commitment from management and key stakeholders, timely procurement, modernization of business processes, integrated systems, dedicated staff resources for project implementation, and focus on user experience and change management.

The Digital Agenda comprises six programs, each with a vision, as follows:

  • (i) Operations: To empower operations to be integrated, flexible, efficient, inclusive, and transparent with accountability;
  • (ii) Financial Services: To enable flexible and innovative financial products and services;
  • (iii) Administrative and Corporate Services: To renovate corporate systems;
  • (iv) Digital Workplace and Connected Data: To create open, collaborative platforms for seamless client, partner, and staff engagement and connected data;
  • (v) Enabling the Digital Backbone: To foster IT service excellence through optimal use of secure, modern technology; and
  • (vi) Digital Innovation Sandbox: To prepare ADB for the future by experimenting with new technologies in an innovation sandbox.

The Digital Agenda is vital for ADB to be able to meet the high expectations of clients and stakeholders as set out in Strategy 2030 in an environment of accelerating change in information and digital technologies.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Current State of Information and Technology in ADB
  • Lessons Learned
  • Digital Agenda 2030
  • Stage 1 Projects
  • Implementation
  • Budget and Financing Arrangements
  • Business Benefits
  • Recommendation
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Information and Communications Technology

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