Energy Sector Guidance Note: ADB’s Approach for Large Hydropower Plants

Institutional Document | August 2023

This guidance note provides technical guidance for ADB staff on large hydropower plants in accordance with ADB’s Energy Policy 2021.

The guidance note on large hydropower plants will be updated as needed to reflect the criteria set forth in the joint methodology developed by the Multilateral Development Bank Working Group on Paris Alignment, in ADB’s updated safeguard policy, and any other relevant policy or staff guidance issued after the approval of the 2021 Energy Policy.

The guidance note is not an ADB operational policy or a mandatory procedure stemming from an ADB operational policy. It is primarily intended to provide technical guidance to ADB staff and is not subject to compliance review under ADB’s Accountability Mechanism.


  • Objective and Scope
  • ADB Policies and Large Hydropower Plants
  • Compendium of International Good Practices on Hydropower
  • Paris Agreement Alignment and Large Hydropower Plants
  • Common Principles for Climate Mitigation Finance Tracking
  • Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Additional Details

  • Energy
  • Clean energy
  • Water

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