Business Guide | June 2018

E-procurement is the use of information and communications technology by government agencies, the bidding community, regulatory and oversight agencies, other supporting service providers, and civil society to assist in conducting the procurement of goods, works, and services, and in the management of contracts.

This guidance note explains how ADB encourages the use of electronic procurement (e-procurement) in different stages of the procurement process. It describes the benefits of e-procurement and the tools ADB uses in assessing systems, suggesting possible approaches to its implementation. E-procurement is a powerful tool that promotes good governance, transparency, value for money, audit trails, and the broadest possible access to suppliers. Key to successful implementation of e-procurement is flexibility. The implementation of an e-procurement system should be part of a change management strategy that must be developed and implemented, and high-level sponsorship and oversight is essential.

Video: What is E-Procurement?


  • Introduction
  • Use of E-Procurement in ADB-Financed Projects
  • Planning for E-Procurement
  • Phased Investment
  • Developing an E-Procurement System
  • Appendix: Risks in E-Bidding and Remedial Measures