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Evaluation of ADB’s Support to Public-Private Partnerships (2009–2018)

Evaluation Document | 26 June 2019

ONGOING EVALUATION. This paper sets out the approach and methodology for an evaluation of the ADB's support to public-private partnerships (PPPs). In this evaluation, the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) will undertake an examination of ADB’s support for PPPs covering the period 2009–2018. The evaluation will seek to examine how ADB’s revised operational and strategic approach to PPPs have addressed previously identified operational challenges and have contributed to evidence-based outcomes over the past decade. 

The evaluation seeks to answer questions concerning the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, value-added and sustainability of ADB’s PPP activities. An integral part of the study will be to examine the impact of the significant organizational changes made in 2014 and the current coordination of operational activities between departments. The evaluation report is intended to inform the Board and Management discussion of the extent and nature of ADB’s future support for PPP activities drawing success factors and lessons from experience and making practical recommendations to help enhance the success of ADB’s future PPP operational activities.