Cultivating a Differentiated Approach in Fragile Contexts: FCAS and SIDS Approach 2022 Annual Report

Institutional Document | July 2023

This report summarizes the work of ADB in developing member countries (DMCs) classified as fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS) and small island developing states (SIDS) in 2022 under the FCAS and SIDS Approach (FSA).

The 2022 FSA annual report presents ADB's portfolio results in its FCAS-classified DMCs and SIDS and details ADB's performance against the results framework indicators of the FSA, which are aligned with ADB's corporate results framework, 2019-2024. The report also highlights notable ADB projects and initiatives in FCAS and SIDS contexts, and summarizes ADB's institutional progress implementing the FSA by tracking progress against the benchmarks of the FSA Action Plan, 2021-2025.


  • Introduction
  • In Focus: Forced Displacement as a Driver of Fragility 
  • ADB's FCAS and SIDS Portfolio: Benchmarking Progress
  • 2022 Activities: Moving toward a Differentiated Approach
  • Plans for 2023: Reaching Developing Member Countries
  • Featured Projects in FCAS and SIDS
  • Appendix 1: FSA Action Tracker Results, 2022
  • Appendix 2: Summary of ADB Review of Business Processes, 2022

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Country operations

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