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Fiji: Country Operations Business Plan (2019–2021)

Institutional Document | October 2018

The country partnership strategy (CPS), 2014–2018 expires at the end of 2018 and a new CPS, 2019–2023 is being developed. Fiji is due to hold general elections before the end of November 2018, and the new CPS is expected to be approved in 2019. This enhanced country operations business plan bridges the gap between the two full CPSs.

The new CPS is likely to focus on three interlinked priorities: (i) promoting private sector investment and growth, (ii) broadening access to quality services and economic opportunities, and (iii) building resilience and reducing economic volatility. These priorities are reflected in this enhanced country operations business plan, 2019–2021.


  • Consistency of Business Plan with Country Partnership Strategy
  • Indicative Resource Parameters 
  • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Programs
  • Appendixes