Financial Reporting and Auditing in Sovereign Operations: Technical Guidance Note

Business Guide | November 2022

This technical guidance note lays out the requirements for presenting, auditing, submitting, and publicly disclosing financial reports for sovereign operations financed by ADB in Asia and the Pacific region.

It highlights why robust financial reporting, auditing, management, and monitoring of sovereign operations funded or administered by ADB is essential to ensure they comply with its mandate.

Stressing the importance of strong borrower governance, it emphasizes how timely reporting and auditing contributes to ADB’s broader objectives of poverty reduction, inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and regional integration.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of Financial Reporting and Auditing Requirements
  • Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Project Auditing Requirements and Arrangements
  • Audit Reports Submission and Review
  • Reporting and Auditing Requirements and Arrangements for Other Modalities
  • Appendixes