Framework Agreements for Consulting Services

Business Guide | June 2018

A consultancy framework agreement is an arrangement that permits an executing agency to retain one or more qualified individual consultants or consulting firms for multiple, planned consultancy assignments.

A framework agreement is a procurement modality that can yield value for money and time savings where a significant volume of related consultancy services are envisaged. This guidance note sets out the advantages and limitations of the framework agreement structure and the key factors to consider when establishing a framework agreement. It also explains how an executing agency may establish its own framework agreement, or draw off from one established by ADB, and how single contracts or "call-offs" from a framework agreement are made and administered.

Video: What are Framework Agreements?


  • Introduction
  • Planning the Framework Agreement
  • Procedures for Engaging Consultants under a Framework Agreement
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Framework Agreements
  • Appendixes