Gender and Development Plan of Action (2008-2010)

Institutional Document | December 2007

ADB adopted its Policy on Gender and Development (GAD) in 1998. It defines ADB's GAD mandate, while the operational guidelines provide guidance on implementation.

The first bank-wide GAD Plan of Action (2000-2003) was developed and approved as a "roadmap" for translating the policy into concrete actions. It included departmental commitments and actions to increase ADB's portfolio of loans addressing gender concerns. In 2004, the Implementation Review of the GAD Policy was carried out and completed in 2006. This Plan of Action takes a task-oriented approach to the major findings and recommendations of the Implementation Review, so that they can be operationalized over the coming years. It takes into consideration ADB's special role in a rapidly changing region, and its move towards greater sector selectivity, as presented in the Medium-term Strategy II (MTS II). It proposes a renewed commitment to gender mainstreaming and identifies a balanced set of activities through which ADB operations will continue to lead to tangible gender equality and women's empowerment results. This Plan of Action also considers recommendations from the following sources: (i) Consultation Summary Report (April 2006), which documents the analyses of ADB staff members collected in the preparation of the Plan of Action; and (ii) outcome documents of the three most recent annual meetings (2004-2006) of the External Forum on Gender and Development (EFG, described in paragraph 15), which suggest strategic approaches to address policy implementation challenges.


  • Background
  • ADB's Performance in Implementing the GAD Policy
  • Opportunities and Constraints in Implementing the GAD Policy
  • The GAD Plan of Action (2008-2010)
  • Appendixes